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Simmons Computer Services provides comprehensive onsite computer service for every kind of business. At SCS our goal is not only to fix problems and issues, but also to make recommendations which can improve your business and enhance your earning power.

Call us any time day or night for a completely free quote; or if you are more interested in a long-term IT solution, explore our Monthly Service Agreements!

Repair and fix

  • Identify faulty computer and laptop parts and replace
  • Troubleshoot hardware, software, networking, and other errors
  • Data recovery


  • Install up-to-date and reliable antivirus and firewalls
  • Remove viruses and malware
  • Audit your company for potential risks and vulnerability assessments


  • Take advantage of cutting edge technology with latest software and hardware upgrades
  • Tune up workstation to ensure they are running at maximum capacity
  • Custom programming and applications tailored to your business


Over 70% of cyber attacks target businesses with less than 100 employees.
Think your business is too small to be targeted? Hackers don’t think so. They are increasingly looking to attack small businesses because they know that they are less likely to take cyber security seriously.

Over 50% of small businesses have been victims of cyber attacks.

As a small business, you know your customers personally. They give you their hard earned money because they trust you. Is their data safe in your hands? Today’s security environment is more complex and scary than ever. It is now a matter of WHEN, not IF, your business will be targeted by hackers.

Cyber attacks are more devastating than ever. Hackers and cyber attackers can easily destroy a small business in a few short minutes – even while you watch helplessly. Why risk what you have put years of work into making a success?


We can do an in-depth and comprehensive survey of your business’ computer systems, identifying weak points and giving you a complete report, tailored specifically to your situation. In addition to security, this also helps you get the most out of your office technology.

Our technicians can install effective and affordable safeguards which can make it extremely difficult for hackers to get access to your data and bank account. Hackers don’t attack hard targets, they attack weak ones.

We can backup your data so that in the event of a massive cyber attack – or even a simple equipment failure. Your information is 100% protected and we can have you back up and running in no time.