5 Signs Your Computer is Crying Out for Repair

It’s pretty obvious when your computer is already broken, but how do you know when it’s about to break? Even before it falls into a heap and refuses to turn on, or flashes big messages about how your files are now encrypted, you’ll be given multiple hints that something is wrong. Here are the common signs your computer needs repair, sooner rather than later.

6 Simple Tips to Protect Your Customer Data

As cyber-attacks continue to make headlines, hackers are exposing or selling customer data files in record numbers. But just like with any threat, there are actions you can take to minimize risk and ensure your business retains a positive reputation among customers.

Why is my Computer Running so SLOW?

Woah, who slammed on the brakes? Your computer used to speed through startup and let you open almost everything at once, but now it’s struggling to crawl along! Everything takes so much longer or crashes without warning. Something isn’t right. If it’s gotten so bad that you’ve found yourself drooling over the idea of a new computer, even though your system isn’t that old, we’ve got some good news: you can get your whizzy speeds back with a little TLC

How To Keep Your Tech Squeaky Clean

Our tech is something we use every day, but did you know it’s also the most disgusting? Your screen may look clean, but studies show that a mobile phone can be 18x dirtier than a public restroom – ew! It gets worse (sorry)…that keyboard you tap at while eating your morning toast? It’s probably the […]

Why Your Windows Updates Are More Important Than Ever

Stories about hackers and virus attacks seem to be making the news almost every day, and many of these news stories include tips on how you can avoid becoming a victim. One common theme among these tips is making sure your Windows operating system up to date.

5 Tips to Declutter Your Workspace

We make plans to “tidy” and organize our desks and make some excuse when the work week is over and we still haven’t checked that off our to-do list. But what if instead of a chore, look at cleaning as a step towards bettering your mental state. It’s true that the more disorganized your space, the less productive you are, especially if your workspace is also your home space. (Kudos to those who work from home and have managed to make it this far.

4 Tips To Declutter Your Devices

INTRODUCTION Whether your business is run at home or from an office, most everything is conducted online. As you’re using multiple electronic devices to schedule, download and email, it’s easy to get lost in your digital routine. Although it seems like our technology lasts forever to provide us endless structure and stability, these devices also […]